Le Seaquarium

With more than 2400 m2 dedicated to marine life, the Seaquarium plunges us into the heart of a fascinating world. A major player in the preservation, research and improvement of knowledge of the seabed for 30 years, it has become a must-see during a stay in leGrau du Roi.


The aquarium has many basins in which more than 2,000 fish from the Mediterranean and the Tropics live, as well as more than 25 species of impressive sharks, seals, sea lions, sea turtles, etc. The different worlds of the Seaquarium, organised in interactive courses, have all been designed to allow visitors to learn and enrich their knowledge while having fun and becoming real players in the protection of the marine world.

An interactive journey which is divided into different universes :

The Mediterranean area,
The tropical area,
The tunnel under the sea,
The ``Turtle Museum`` room,
The Marine Mammals centre,
The Imaginarium,
The Requinarium (unique space in Europe dedicated to sharks)

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As a ``Sanctuary of the Sea``, the Seaquarium wants to teach humans a new relationship with animals. Because we can only save endangered species by knowing them better. Guided tours, events, school visits, and awareness-raising activities in partnership with all the private beaches of the Languedoc coastline are evidence of this ambition.

And to take this approach even further, in 2017 the Seaquarium created its Marine Institute for Mediterranean Ecosystems. This is an associative structure whose vocation is to carry out, on a large scale, various actions dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of marine and lagoon environments and species in the Mediterranean.
At the Seaquarium, for 30 years, we have been working in a responsible and educational spirit so that at the end of the visit, young and old alike take a new look at the sea, our common good, and participate in saving this real masterpiece in danger. It is in this spirit that the Seaquarium has been innovating for years.

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