Le Grau du Roi

A climatic resort then a seaside resort in the 1930s, Le Grau du Roi attracted the Nîmes and French bourgeoisie thanks to the railway line. Ernest Hemingway himself spent two honeymoons there !

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A fishing port above all, Le Grau du Roi was built on both sides of the channel, the main artery linking the sea to its fishing port and further on to Aigues Mortes.

On the right bank, you will find the ``holiday`` atmosphere of yesteryear. It is so good to get lost in this district where the ``Tonkinois`` lived, as opposed to the ``Calabrais`` who lived on the other side of the canal. We stroll through the small streets to admire the facades of the 1930s houses. If you are an art nouveau fan, you will appreciate the Maison du Dauphin and its 1900 style built by a rich Nîmes resident. Are you more into the Belle Epoque? The villa Parry owes its name to Ferdinand Parry who, in 1898, bought this plot of land facing the sea to build his villa in the Dunes. Today, the Villa Parry houses the Tourist Office and an exhibition hall.

On the left bank, it is the spirit of the fishermen's village and the shops. Shopping streets, market place, small pedestrian streets, it is lively and bustling. You can easily get lost in the little shops, breathe in the local atmosphere and feel the life of the canal.

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The first inhabitants settled around 1830 on the banks of the channel, around the ``Grau``, a passage between the pond and the sea, in Occitan. They were fishermen, most of them coming from Italy for fishing campaigns. Over the years, houses were built on both sides of the channel. The fishing port was built in 1971 and became the first trawl fishing port in the Mediterranean.

When the trawlers return at around 5pm, after more than 10 hours at sea, time stands still. On the quays, traffic stops, life is suspended... The bridge turns, and gives rhythm to the life of the city as it opens and closes to let the leisure or fishing boats pass. At fixed times or on request, it is a ritual that is part of daily life. To date, 25 trawlers go out to sea during the day and whatever the season, the return of the trawlers is always a great spectacle to experience.

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